Saturday, April 9, 2022

Universities & Colleges

In my spare time I love to watch move-in College vlogs. Most of these vlogs are from Ivy league Universities in the US. I don't have much inclination to visit US partly due to the distance of 20 hours' flight time. If per chance one day I make it I'd love to visit a few of these Ivy league Universities. John Harvard was a pastor and he gave half his fortune to the University/College that later took up his name.

He also bequeathed 300 plus of his books and that was in 1638, almost 400 years ago. I am not sure if there are two or three pastors of my denomination who possess 300 books. I certainly make it my vision for A Pastor's library Fund that will support pastors to buy books, at least 300 if not 500 books for each pastor, though it may take 10 or 15 years to attain to such volumes. All pastors should have a personal library and study as much as praying is a pastor's job. The prophet Daniel prophesied that in the End Time that "knowledge shall increase" (Dan 12:4) and how important it is for pastors to keep up with the advancement of knowledge and more and more pastors should come from the ranks of the tertiary-educated. I am proud of the fact that as far as education is concerned, I am New Zealand-made, being an alumnus of the three top Universities in NZ. It may not be the Ivy league Colleges but education is more democratic than ever in that there are more than 10,000 Universities in the world today and if you can get into the top 1000 or 500 you have done well. I read a chapter of Ezra for evening's devotion. He was a priest (pastor), a scribe (scholar or PhD) and he sought out the law of God (did research) and His commandments and statutes. He was well versed in the Law, obeyed it and taught it in Israel (Ez 7:10).

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