Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Fed by Ravens

Elijah was fed by ravens during the drought he proclaimed against King Ahab who persecuted the prophets of Israel. Indeed God has fed me in these 15 months without pay. Few would believe my finances remain like in the times of employmemt, though some will be surpriseed how little pastors are paid in this corner of the world. One elder lamented that he knew of a pastor with a wife and child but paid RM800.00 per month just slightly above half the minimum pay set by the government.

But I am amazed by God's grace because all these months and over a year the Lord had taken care of me and is taking care of me. I never felt in want and moved around like before trusting the Lord. I was fed by ravens in the giiise of generous brothers and sisters who know of my needs and had gifted me from time to time. Generous churches also gave a greater honorarium whenever I minister. 

Soon I will be back to gainful employment; I see that as a new phase of ministry, serving Gof in a different capacity but all in all using the talents God had given to me. But I also made a new start. Alteady turned down invitations to teach an intensive course in my former College in Ranau and other speaking invitations. I might disappear for a year or two from what has been familiar to me and familiar to some. For they will know that I am no longer in their midst, just as the Lord is no longer there for them.

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