Monday, March 27, 2023

Preaching & Bible Study on the 7 Churches of Revelation

Nowadays I don't even look at my watch as I preach. If I am asked to preach for 30 mins like in some Singaporean churches, so be it. But some traditional churches insist on 20 mins and when I did that in a Cathedral in Singapore, a couple of members asked why my sermon was so short. But yesterday I felt the strength of the Lord and I saw members were hungry for the word.

It's a small church of 30 adult members but yesterday there were a few visitors and attendance must be close to 40 adults. I do not preach according to the number of people before me though really to have a working congregation one must have at least 30 adults. I preached expositorily on John 14:1-14 and it was a fine message and I am satisfied with it as seldom I would be satisfied with my own preaching. I have preached in this church since last August for the past 8 months, and yesterday was the last for a little while unless until the final quarter of the year. One should never say never for it is the Lord's church despite its small membership.

After a 50 min break for lunch I conducted a Bible Study from 12.50pm to 2.50pm, exactly two hours' long as there were many questions on the book of Revelation. I only focused on the last four churches of Rev 2-3 but as usual church members asked other end-time questions. I needed a breather and a drink so I stayed for another 20 mins and five members sat with me and asked me more questions on the rapture.

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