Thursday, March 9, 2023

New Appointment

My mother asked me yesterday over lunch whether my appointment was permanent. I did not tell her the length of my contract.  My reply, "More permanent than my current situation". She looked stunned with my answer but I thought she understood. There is nothing permanent in this world. Only God's kingdom is permanent. And we await His coming. I added, "People's hearts could change tomorrow or the next day". Many I thought were my friends are really my "enemies" because they did all they could to stop and hinder my ministry which I received from the Lord. There are not many greater sins other than stopping the ministry of God's servants. It is the devil's work.

I remember clearly some 17 months ago, God spoke several times to the congregation that I pastored. There was even a word (rhmea) from an outline Conference held by our sister church in Sarawak. The preached repeated that "I will place him as a pillar in the temple of my God and he shall not depart from it" from one of the 7 letters to the 7 churches. So they have cast out the one God says should remain standing the temple. 

Then, I preached from Ezekiel 44-45 that it was the prince's calling to be God's servant that the people of God receive God's blessings because the prince sits before the Lord at the East Gate and eats before Him, meaning whatever He digests from the Lord, that he would minister to God's people. And the glory of God enters through the East gate because it is the prince's presence there. 

Likewise a pastor's position is not to be trifled with. He represents the presence of Christ. "Whoever receives you receives Me and whoever receives Me receives the One who sent Me", says Jesus Christ. So with my new appointment, I could not be happier. However long or short, I will do my best. I never regretted any ministry that I had put my hands to do. Even my short tenure of 6 months as Acting Principal I saw God's mighty hand at work. Whether be it one Semester or 10 years where I shall be, does not matter. Whenever the cloud ascends and moves, I will move even as the Scripture says, "these are they who follow the Lamb wherever He goes and in their mouths there are no lies" and they are the ones who will stand with the Lamb on Mount Zion on his return (Rev 14:1-5).

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