Saturday, April 12, 2014

10 or 100 Fold Multiplication

King David hymned that at midnight he awakened to give thanks to the Lord (Ps 119,62), but at 4am I rose to praise the Lord and the Spirit stirred and stirred and I took a bus at 6am completely in the dark on route 75. ARMED with a Bible I went about looking for a a cafe where I can have quiet time with the Lord. The bus stopped at Gleneagles hospital and I alighted but the cafe was not opened until 7.30am. Then I carried on to Orchard road and dawn was about to break with streets lit in bright light giving way to a greater light, the light of day, the one true light, Jesus Christ. Really Singapore is a beautiful city, one that I would not leave unless there is a clear command from the Lord.
Only yesterday a friend told me over lunch that it would be a waste if I left Singapore. He felt my gifts could be maximised in Singapore. No doubt I remember what my good Kiwi friend of over 20 years told me, "Tony you need to be at a place where there is intellectual compability", in a place where my God-given gifts especially biblical knowledge is appreciated. I have seriously considered returning to a local church after 6 years of itinerant ministry of preaching from one church to another. Now I teach 9 students in a class, but in some local churches where the hunger of the Word is apparent, one can get 90 people coming for a Saturday afternoon solid bible study over 3 or 4 hours. I am praying for a 10 fold increase or 100 fold multiplication in my ministry, no longer in the 10 or 30 but 300 or 400 in one class even thousands in one sitting.


  1. Here is an answer to your prayer:
    We preach the good news of the kingdom in all parts of the earth. The fields are ripe for harvesting. Join us at the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. There is more opportunity than you can handle. Read more about it at

  2. I thought all the 144,000 places are already taken up by the chosen ones and there will be no more space for anyone else. I pray that you may learn the truth of the good news of the kingdom and put your faith in Jesus Christ, the only name under heaven and on earth through whom one is saved (Acts 4:12).


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