Monday, April 14, 2014

Blessed Passover: Blood Moon Rising

At sunset today we will celebrate the Jewish Feast of Passover. As the Feast days for Passover and Tabernacles fall on the 15th of the month, it will be full moon, only that this year there will be not one but two consecutive lunar eclipses on Passover and later on 8th October, the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. There will be a red moon rising (see this article from Melbourne Age here). How tragic and ironic it is that most Christians don't celebrate Passover until this Friday, 18th April. The problem started in the early 3rd century when a part of Church wanted to break away from all things Jewish and began to invent another date for the Passover/Good Friday. Interestingly, Jesus died on the Jewish Feast of the Passover in 29/30 AD and the Holy Spirit was poured on the Jewish Feast of Pentecost 50 days later.
If God chose to act in the most dramatic way on Feast Days appointed by God for Israelites to worship Him (moed) at appointed times, how much more significant for Christians to see the fulfilment of these things in our Lord Jesus Christ, being the sacrificial Lamb who died for the sins of His people, the Jews and for the rest of humanity on Passover so that God's wrath passes over us when we put our faith in the blood of the Lamb shed on the cross of Calvary, near Jerusalem. O Jerusalem, the blood of Your king, Jesus dripped down from the cross to the earth of the holy city. Your redemption draws nigh even as Anna the prophetess' wish to see the redemption of Jerusalem in her days will be fulfilled in our days (Luke 2:38).


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