Thursday, April 3, 2014

Teaching is such a Joy

I got up before 5am this morning, by the grace of God. I had a wonderful 90 minutes of reading Scripture in the silence of the night until the break of dawn. By 6:45am I was at my office, going through first the sermon for next week's Chapel and then my notes on Hebrew and James which I lectured during this morning's class. It was exhilarating experience, teaching a responsive class of 35 students. I found new strength and energy during class time, had tea-break with my students and enjoyed their fellowship.
I rushed home at 11:30am for Family Group and one of our members celebrated her 25th birthday. We had a good time of talking and encouraging one another. The birthday girl shared how she felt God's care and love for her from Psalm 8 "Who is man (woman) that you care for him/her and visitest him/her?" By the time I was about to go have lunch at 1:30pm, I felt fatigued and was totally exhausted by the morning and early afternoon's exertions. Knowing that I have 3 more weeks of lectures spurred me further to give my best before I call it a day.

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