Wednesday, April 30, 2014

100 Days & Decision Time

I had a wonderful lunch meeting with a Baptist pastor on 19th January and he was probably the second person whom I told that come June, I will be moving on. When he mentioned to me several ministry opportunities, I told him that I would wait for 40 days before taking action but now after 100 days, I have yet to do anything but still waiting and praying. Anyhow, I know in the spirit that decision time is nigh (Bukit Timah at dawn).
It could be within weeks I will know where I will be heading and that is incredibly exciting. Anyone who is born of the Spirit is like the wind, you hear and feel whence it is blowing but you can't see it. The spirit blows where it wills and when He blows we are but like a sail blown and swept up by the Spirit of the Lord and taken to a place where we do not know or even want to go but it will be a place ordained by God and if we are willing we will be mightily used by Him to accomplish his purposes. "The heart of the king is like the streams of a river, the Lord turns it as He wills."

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