Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Preaching Fatigue?

Today's preacher at Chapel started her sermon by saying that "you may preach and preach and keep preaching but nothing seems to happen" is an apt description of what I have been feeling in the past couple of months. Maybe I am feeling preaching fatigue. This morning under some stress I wrote an email wanting to withdraw from Resurrection Sunday preaching. But before I hit the send button, I thought otherwise as this church had been good to me and I wanted to say good-bye to the congregation before I move on to another form of ministry or enjoy a long sabbatical.
Later in the morning I received another preaching invitation to speak on Father's Day. I have yet to decide on this one. I was really hoping that the forthcoming Church Camp in early June would be my last preaching assignment for a while. Lord not my will but Thine be done! I have no doubt that Paul the apostle told Timothy to preach the Word in season or out of season and at the moment I am hanging on the bare promise of God, doing His will - without strength but it is Christ who strengthens me in all things, even preaching and more preaching. Grant me power that I can preach more effectively for Your glory, O Lord.

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