Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blown by the Wings of the Wind

I thought perhaps I should use "borne along" but today I was blown by the wings of the wind from early morning to early evening. I did not get much sleep last night not because this morning I delivered my final lectures at TTC to a willing and appreciative audience but because I received an email from a far country that conjured up mixed feelings. "Though I often speak against him yet my heart is turned and my compassion stirred for children bent on going astray yet loved by me, saith the Lord." All 8 students present today except one chose to do the course out of interest and eagerness to learn about Revelation. Even the one MMin student wrote in bahasa the most complimentary remarks in the farewell and thank you card.
Straightway after class I was borne along and walked in sweet fellowship with my students to Rail mall for tea break. We had wonderful time for an hour and it was time for me to return to TTC for my last faculty tea fellowship where we had small talk but nothing of significance. I was again borne along and rushed down to be picked up by a friend who wanted to show me his legal practice in the city and for the first time I saw how Singaporean lawyers and staff worked in crowded spaces, actually half a floor of office space. I had wonderful fellowship with this friend and he introduced 2 other lawyers in his firm to me. The talk of law was brief and it turned to theology for most time. I arrived back in the office late afternoon and tidied some loose ends and another 3 colleagues wanted to take me out for lunch next week. As the wings of Spirit carry me along the whole day and thanking God that when we do right and walk in the truth he grants favour to his servant among friends and foes.

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