Sunday, April 20, 2014

Preaching Season Ends

I had waited for this day for a long time, almost 7 months ago when I surveyed my preaching schedule for 2013-2014. Since early September last year until today, I had preached about 35 sermons, spoke at a Leaders' Retreat and conducted 3 Revelation seminars in the last 3 months. This load would be more than double I normally do every year but this is my 6th year and in 2 months' time I shall be entering my sabbatical year, 7th year and also my Jubilee, hitting the magical figure of half a century. What a wonderful God. I have managed to preach my last sermon for the season on Ressurection Sunday today!
I even shared my baptism experience after hearing two testimonies from two young people in the early 20s. I said, "What took you so long?" And I recounted how I took the initiative to get baptised within 17 days after my encounter wih Christ. I very much look forward to my new phase of ministry, perhaps after 1 or 2 years resting or whatever work I undertake come June 2014 is the work of God, even as He works on the sabbath and proclaims that the Jubilee is here for today is the day of salvation and there is not one day to waste.

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