Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sun Shining on Singapore

I will have to take this opportunity tonight to wish Singapore and my Singaporean friends a blessed Golden Jubilee, SG50 anniversary. As I will be busy tomorrow with a meeting in the afternoon it is unlikely I could blog until night time. You can be sure that I will say a heart felt prayer for Singapore during my Sunday services tomorrow. Just as I happened to pray for Malaysia for her 50th Jubilee on 16th Sept 2013 when I was in Singapore. I led Chapel service that day and specifically instructed my family group member to pray for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew on his 90th birthday. Whatever you sow you reap. Give a portion to seven and scatter your bread on the waters (nations) you never know when your returns might come (Eccle). Indeed Sabah and Singapore are bound together if not for his servants having one leg in Borneo and another in the island Republic. The earthquake last June that took Singaporean and Sabahan lives should bind both States closer in sisterhood, sister States, helping one another and exchanging missions for mutual upbuilding of God's people in both lands. Singapore could proudly celebrate her 50th anniversary of independence for 5 reasons.
First, good governance that despises graft and reward the good doers and punish the wrong doers. Second, the strength of institutions and the rule of law. You can only admire the quality of its judiciary and legal system, though a few might disagree with me. You have efficient immigration, tax authorities, man power ministry all of which I had plenty of dealing with in my 6 years and I could say I have been treated fairly and professionally. I have paid my taxes to IRAS last month and they in fact gave me a 12 month instalment plan but I wrote that I wanted to pay one off since it was only a few hundred dollars and I benefited from the 50% rebate on Singapore's Jubilee. Thank you, Singapore. Third, a world class education system with English as the medium of instruction. Fourth, a vibrant and dynamic business and tradimg centre. And fifth, an efficient transport system with MRT lines running across the island state. I look forward to the opening of downtown line 2 end of the year. I could travel from Rochor to my favourite Bukit Panjang foodcourt in about 45 mins. And perhaps stopping by Hillview station and pop into TTC library for a quiet afternoon. It is only too easy for me to pray, Lord send me back to Singapore but I won't do so just yet until my mission is accomplished in Malaysia.

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