Thursday, February 18, 2016

Discipleship Workshop

It's been a tough couple of days filled with activities organized by the Ranau Pastors' Fellowship. Thankfully, all these were accompanied with joy of the Holy Spirit and it was evident as we ended the workshop for photo taking session. Sixty pastors including a few elders from 5 surrounding SIB Districts attended the discipleship workshop conducted by a Singaporean church elder who specialized in discipleship and education in general. His many tertiary qualifications include a Masters of Education from Harvard University. Twice we had to increase the lunch budget to cater for double the numbers we anticipated.
He shared his life story and testimony with us in church last night and we had a good time of fellowship before and after the service. I could not do much for my Singaporean friends as I am holding two jobs currently and there is no let up until I relinquish one in mid-March.
I am already thinking about my Sunday sermon plus the many duties at College. I just announced to the College community with the faculty approval that I would speaking every Tuesday morning and we will start Chapel 5 mins earlier at 7:50am so that we can end our Chapel at 8:25am for 8:30am lectures. Instead of one song, I asked them to bring two songs on Tuesday and after a short devotion I will lead prayer time for College activities including lecturers' ministry during the week and weekend outside Campus. The library is looking fresh after a change of staff. I had asked the College community to return all the books so that the new librarian could take stock before loans can be made again. We will strive to build up the library collection and our target is 10,000 volumes from the current 5,000. There is a long way to go but initial steps have been taken to rectify past failures and neglect.

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