Saturday, February 6, 2016

Putting a Smile on the Face

One of the tasks of leadership is putting a smile on the face of those we lead. Yesterday, despite the Lunar New Year holidays, I decided to cut short my KK trip and return to Ranau. As I arrived in Ranau at 5pm, I turned on my phone and saw the message that one of the students was hospitalized due to appendicitis.  My wife and I visited her at the Ranau hospital. I was glad to see another student caring for her College mate in need. I spoke briefly with the student in some discomfort after the operation but she was holding up well.
After a brief chat, I brought out the College magazine, freshly printed from KK. She smiled broadly and quickly looked at the many colourful photos. I told her she was the first one to get the magazine and for her it was free but for the rest of the students they would to pay for it despite getting some subsidy for it. I always think that if one pays for something one appreciates it more.  Even seminars on the Bible and stuff I always thought members should pay a fee for nothing is free in the world except the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel comes to us free from money or you don't need money to accept it but once you believe the gospel it costs you everything, all your money including your life. That's the paradox of following Jesus. The call comes and we are free to respond in willing obedience but following Jesus would cost us everything, family, careers, houses, brothers and sisters for Jesus said, "Unless you give up everything you cannot become my disciples." Luke 14.

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