Monday, February 8, 2016

First & Last

Today was a happy day. Yesterday was a sad day as the church council officially accepted my resignation and committed me to serve full time at the College. But new year brought new hope and with a few church friends and a colleague from College we celebrated Lunar New Year at my house in Ranau. For the first time, I had so many guests over for lunch though once or twice before family members had stayed with us. One elder came at 10am and we spoke heart to heart for more than 2 hours before others arrived.
But it will be last time in my church as I shall be leaving them early March. After 13 months serving night and day and invested heavily on the welfare of the church family it will not be easy making an exit but exodus it will be as the call of God beckons and ministry is more than sentimentality. One deacon who came spoke how he never felt such impact of pastoral ministry in his 65 years. And this deacon had planted several churches during his working life from one place to another. He said,  "Not every senior pastor is the same" and indeed it is true because ministry built on love, compassion, kindness, integrity and honesty will touch lives no matter where one is placed. For the first time and for the last time, we grouped together as one family in Christ and relationships built in the love of God will last even as fruits we bear in the Lord are lasting unto the end.

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