Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Following God's Leading

Following Jesus is perhaps the major theme in all four Gospels, including the spiritual Gospel, which is John's. Jesus said, "If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me; where I am, there my servant shall be" (John 12:26). Only after 48 hours since I announced to my church that I was leaving the church as pastor, many doors are being opened. If we cling on former things, new things cannot come to pass. It was not without risk that I let go. My church has given me a steady income for the past 13 months while there is no guarantee there is an income from the College though supposedly I hold the reins of leadership.
As in 1 Cor 9, I wanted to be free like Apostle Paul from being tied to any fixed financial arrangement so that I can serve all. I met with a few senior leaders just now and new things are coming to pass. As I write, I have been back and forth Ranau and the College twice this morning. The first time I attended Chapel at 8am though I had another appointment in Ranau at 9.30am. I felt I should be at College on time despite the trouble of driving another 25 mins back to Ranau town. When I worshipped with the College community, I sensed the Lord's presence strong and He spoke to my soul, "I am with you wherever you go". I saw heavens opened and the Lord's armies and hosts over the College Campus. Lord You will bless MTS, You will bless me as I serve You here. But I am not giving up on my first love of pastoring. For a long time I have sensed that Ranau town needs a third SIB church. I tried to bring my leaders to see that but until I resigned we had not taken any steps towards that. Many people had to be turned away when they see the little hall filled up. So if it is the Lord's will (I have a month or two to pray over this), soon I will be pastoring a new church in Ranau but freed from money considerations.

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