Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Near Namaus, the Wilderness

The Lord spoke to me from the most unlikely of Scriptural text. Oftentimes we think that geographical details in the Bible are just asides or narrative markers but they are just as much as part of inspired Scripture. When I was thinking about giving up my pastorate a couple of weeks ago I came across this verse in John 11,54, Jesus therefore no longer went about openly among the Jews, but went from there to the country near the wilderness and there he stayed with his disciples. Ranau might not be one of the biggest towns in Sabah but it is still a town but after 13 months, I realized the Lord was leading me further from town into the country side, near the wilderness of Namaus where the Bible College is located.
Today I started half an hour earlier at 5.30 am from KK as I needed the extra 25 mins from Ranau to Namaus. After stopping for short break at my Ranau house, I drove to Namaus and reached the College at 8am sharp. After the Lunar New Year long weekend I wanted to be at the College on time. We shared a devotion with faculty and staff with my colleague speaking from John 15, Jesus is the Vine. I brought with me my Greek Bible and the NETS, Septuagint English translation. I did not realize until I read a blog that 8th February is International Septuagint Day and I had with me my Greek OT text.

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