Friday, February 5, 2016

One Month On

One would think that one month on things would be more settled but it is far from it. On the home front, my new home at the Bible College, things are moving along smoothly. We just made the decision to transfer a staff to become the new librarian since she has a degree in Library and Information Management. What a waste if it is not put to use. There are two most things about a theological College. First, the strength of the faculty and a close second would be library resources. Get these two things right we are on the way of becoming an institution of repute. But there are many things to do. We have many old buildings and some need urgent repairs, refurbishment and some perhaps demolition. My twin focus for the first month was my colleagues and students. I need to win them over. I already chaired 4 faculty meetings and there are a sleuth of new measures and initiatives.
The magazine is being printed now and I am heading back to Ranau with renewed vigour. If I labour more than others it is not me but the grace of God in me. One can only take pride in one's work and not others. As I had dined with the students I got to know some of them. I ate what they ate. I washed my own plates and cups though many a time, the students would rush over and offer to do it for me. I had surveyed the large Campus and knew I could do in the next few months. As for my church it will be sad to leave them. So this Chinese New Year I will be spending my Sunday and Lunar New Year with my church family. Thank God for friends. I met one yesterday and when he knew what I was doing he said, "my friend, not many people live according to your principles." In my heart, I said this, my life principle is walking by faith and not by sight. When you seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness all things will be added unto you.

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