Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Gift of Reading

Search in the book of the Lord and read....(Isaiah 34:16). Today I preached from this verse of the prophet Isaiah to the College community. Today was my first Sunday at the College Sunday service. After 10 mins into the sermon, the electricity supply went down and I continued preaching uninterrupted as I had a loud and clear voice and about 100 people today heard God's message. I spoke about three things, the habit and culture of reading. I bemoaned how in Malaysia this habit of reading is hardly evident. I spoke about spending time in airports and few Asians would be reading but many Europeans and Westerners would have a book in their hands and they read. I spoke about reading God's Word, the Bible. I spoke about the privilege of having in our possession, Scripture, the inspired Word of God. Heavens and earth shall pass away but my words will stand forever... I spoke about the gift of reading and I shared how I discovered that I had the gift of reading when I was pastor of my home church more than 10 years ago. I could read fast. I could read a book or two in a couple of days.
Then I spoke about books. I referred to the book of Revelation that the word biblios or biblion (book or scroll) is mentioned 23 times and the diminutive, bibliradion (little book) is mentioned three times in Rev 10. I spoke about Daniel receiving answers to his prayers from angel Gabriel and how the angel said to him that he had come to show Daniel what is inscribed in the book of truth. I asked them whether they had read all the books of the Bible. I told them how I loved the book of Ezekiel and know many parts of the prophet almost by heart. I love the prophet Isaiah and read it almost daily. I love the Psalms and today God spoke to me by Psalm 55.

Finally, I spoke about the increase of knowledge according to Daniel 12:4. And how knowledge now is accessible mostly in English. Over 90% of the world's knowledge is in English including theology. I told them to learn English and do what they can to master the language. It is a tall order for many of the students as they come from very poor families and most of them only have "O" level entry and only a few have "A" level and a couple of tertiary students. At the end I offered to pray for them. I told them that I could pray for them for a gift of reading so that they can read God's Word and understand. They can read books and obtain knowledge. Before the music was played many students came forward and I saw almost all students came forward to be prayed for. I laid my hands on each and every one of them and  prayed as some wept even as the Lord touched them afresh by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

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