Leap Year

Yesterday I was given an xtra 12 hours to work in 2016 with the additional day in 2016 being a leap year. I led my 7th Faculty meeting in under 8 weeks since taking office. Within SIB culture of consensus I need the support of my colleagues for most things. And I prefer it that way as I appreciate my colleagues' input and contribution in decision making. One decision we took was to launch the SIB prayer month starting on Thursday lasting until 4th April.
Every year the SIB HQ will issue a prayer book for the prayer month and expect local churces to pray consistently and constantly. After several exhortations I managed to persuade my colleagues to change the menu for the dining hall. There will be more variety though though the costs will rise by RM1,000.00 for about 70 people who dine in 3 meals a day 7 days a week. My job in the past couple of weeks has been to write letters to SIB churches inviting them to take part in the building of theological education through the College. Already one local church responded asking us to give them a letter when they read the College magazine asking for funds to build one family quarter for students with families. It will cost about RM30,000.00 for one house as we are going to get local contractor to build it at costs.


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