Fighting the Battles of the Lord

That was what Abigail told David that he was fighting the battles of the Lord despite being an outlaw and moving from one place to another in the wilderness. It is wearisome to battle on and on with no end in sight. No wonder even the great armies of Alexander the Great refused to follow him further to the East. You stay on the road and sleep in tents and in the open field when you engage in battle. Soon I will be living out of suitcases, boxes and bags. I am moving out of my house in Ranau next week after I lead a faculty retreat in Telupid, 2 hours further east from Ranau about 4 hours from KK. After that, I have a series of speaking engagements in various places, 19th March, 25-27th March (Good Friday weekend), 2nd-3rd April in Tenom, then in Perancangan (9th April) and a family seminar at the end of April. Yesterday from 9am to 1.30pm,  I chaired the Ranau Pastors' Fellowship and the turnout was most encouraging. Despite offering to step down as I had resigned from my pastorate my fellow pastors insisted that I stayed on until things become clearer for me in June.
Tomorrow I am heading down to KK to attend the College's Board meeting and a committee for accreditation. I might just get a chance to worship at my home church before making the 4 hour journey to Telupid for the Faculty Retreat. At least an upcoming Congress in Seoul keeps me hoping for a time when I am get away from the heat of the battle. Only today I heard from the Chapel message that as soldiers of the Lord we don't get entangled with civilian affairs so that we could obey our commander-in-chief, the Lord Jesus Christ, the captain of the Lord of hosts.


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