Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dawn, Morning and Evening Prayers & Devotions

I am getting adjusted to College life. Before dawn, I drove from Ranau to attend the pre-dawn 5am devotions and prayers at the men's hostel. At 8am we have our regular morning Chapel. Then at 3.30pm in this month of Lent and prayers, we pray until 4.30pm.  When there are 3 times of prayers during the day, at night I did not miss my former church that much.
I had time to relax while working over whatsapp with our KK coordinator. We offer a B. THEOL. distance learning course in KK and that is straining our resources as most of lecturers are expected to contribute and teach one intensive course per year. At the same time I was liasing with our design team to produce a brochure for our College Open Day and 51st Anniversary in the 3rd week of May. If you can make it please make time to visit us. Accommodation for singles is provided free at the hostels but families will probably have to stay in nearby hotels. We will provide meals for all visitors. Look out for this space for once the brochure is out, I will post it here.

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