Saturday, March 26, 2016

Between Death & Resurrection on Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is a day we reflect on the inevitability of death and the hope of resurrection. Even though we do not go through like Jesus' death and Resurrection, most mortal beings contend with death and hope for life beyond this world. Sometimes metaphorically we are at the edge of death, defeat appears certain but at the last moment we escape from the jaws of death as if reborn in a resurrection. Even now, I live in this paradox of death and resurrection daily.
From weakness of the body, constant travel, conflict with false brothers and struggle of living the truth in the midst of hypocrisy, we are tangled as if in the web of death but literally we escape doom by the grace of God, though dead yet we live unto Him. The irony of hating our own lives and thus gaining it or loving our own lives yet losing it is the epitome of Christian faith and living. At one moment it is death but by God's deliverance we live again and experience the power of the Resurrection of Christ in us. Like Paul says, we die daily but live unto Christ. In this holy Saturday, whatever desperation or hopelessness, there is always that slimmer of hope as Christ has defeated death and rose again from among the dead on the third day to give hope to the person who looks to Him for deliverance and life.

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