Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday After Easter

This is my first Monday off in 3 months, after 3 consecutive Passover, Holy Saturday and Resurrection Sunday services in Papar. I had the whole South China Seas in front of me as I read my Bible in early morning devotions. I thank the Lord for His grace and strength for his servant. It was not that intense as I did not even ask people to come forward for prayers. Yesterday I preached from Romans 1,1-5 perhaps an unusual passage for resurrection Sunday though it is stated that it was by the Spirit of holiness that the Son of GOD was raised from the dead and proved to be the Son of God with power, Jesus Christ our Lord. The promise of his coming, death and resurrection was not something alien to Israelite faith as it was promised in the Holy Scriptures by the prophets.
I challenged the members to read the Holy books as the Bible is not just one book but 66 books. I told them that it was simply not enough to read it occasionally, just as we need to eat at least twice a day to maintain a good healthy lifestyle.  I also challenged the church to look beyond one or two tribes as Paul says he is called to summon all nations to the gospel of God. In our denomination being an indigenous church it is not easy to break away from the tribal inclinations and tribalism for just one tribe perhaps it was a mild rebuke to an announcement that some members were forming a group for just one tribe and when that is said in church,the gospel,  is devalued as Christ has died for all and his cross has demolished the wall of division between races,  Jews and GREEKS, tribal and non-tribal peoples of the Lord.

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