The Last Sunday (Part 2)

It was a send-off that I did not expect. My worship team honoured me by arranging for a final tambourine dance. It was a rare occasion in church due to limited space. But we removed two rows of chairs and when I saw people coming in half an hour after the 2nd service had started I joked that no one was allowed to put chairs in front after the worship was over. I knew in my spirit something was going to happen as I needed space to make an altar call. It was not one of the best messages but I sensed the power of God at work as I preached on God forming us for his praise and glory and He knew us by our names, each and everyone of them.
The church was practically packed for the 2nd service as well perhaps due to the members wanting to listen to their pastor a grand sending off. So at the end of the message I spoke about God's gift of the Holy Spirit in Luke 11:14 and the only thing needed was for us to ask the Father in heaven. In the beginning only one mother with her child came forward, and then a second person, a man and then the space in front began to be filled up quickly. At the end I prayed for 40 plus people and the service ended on a high and we parted happily and I rushed to the baptismal pool of another SIB church.


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