13th End-Time Seminar

Tomorrow I shall be conducting my 13th end-time seminar in a Ranau church about 30 mins from town. I expect many youths to turn up plus a few of my students who told me that they wanted to learn about eschatology. Unfortunately it will be a short seminar of 3 sessions in the morning and a revival meeting at night.  So I will look at Matthew 24 as my main text and will supplement it with Paul's teaching and the book of Revelation as well. I shall be returning to the church which I preached in the night after the 5th June Ranau earthquake. Ranau folks had recovered from the tremors but with Christchurch earthquake of 5.7 last month after 5 years plus after the initial 7.1 earthquake in Sept 2010, no one should be complacent but always on the guard for the next big one, even in Ranau again.
In the midst of recriminations and the occasional self doubt, I received a couple of positive signs. I went to a restaurant tonight praying to the Lord that I would like to pay for my meal as twice previously someone else had paid for me without me knowing. When I wanted to leave I went to the cashier and was told again that my meal was paid for by someone. He spoke briefly with me but did not tell me that he paid. Not someone from Ranau but was on holidays with his family. That was the 3rd time within the week. While having dinner I received a number of texts from a young man. He told me he wanted to be my pupil or student, to learn God's Word from me. This is the first time I received such a request, almost like the Chinese kungfu movies where the Master takes students and train them to fight like himself. The disciple is not above his teacher but when he is fully trained he shall be like his teacher. I might have just found myself my first disciple.


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