Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Season of Fruits

There is a time for everything.  There is a season for every purpose under heaven.  And there is a season of fruits even for me. In the past fortnight I have been having mangoes galore but a number of fruits were spoilt as we were not home and it fell to the ground and got bad. It is like the season of harvesting. Once the fruits are ripe they must be harvested or else the harvest suffers ruin.

Likewise the harvest of souls. When we fail to evangelize as the Lord bids, the fruits fell to the ground and hardened against the Gospel. Some have converted to other religions others have remained indifferent to the Gospel. If it is a Season for fruits, it is time to rejoice in the abundance of fruits, and give glory to God in heaven. I take it as a sign fruits will multiply. After 24 hours of rest I will be hastening to return to Namaus where God's people are and there are fruits ready to be picked, to be equipped for the ministry for the greater glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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