Saturday, August 5, 2017

Battles Ahead

Having ended my 10-day stretch yesterday teaching and preaching in 4 different places I am planning for the battles ahead. I have three sets of lectures from Tuesday to Thursday and then preaching in one of the Ranau churches on Sunday. So I won't be making my journey back to KK and will be focusing on rural ministry for a whole fortnight. I am starting Malaysian studies with the Federal Constitution taking about 6 weeks and will speaking on other legal, political and economic institutions as well.
This stretch of lecturing will go on to end of October with a week break at the end of August. Then I will conduct an end time seminar in a nearby Church and I hope if exams had ended by then some students could join. For Christmas I will minister in urban centres in Sandakan and also in KK. I don't plan on travelling into the interior like last year and I hope I can get my lectures ready for next year during the December break.

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