Sunday, August 13, 2017

Only Yesterday

Only yesterday Usain Bolt was unbeatable. But today he fell flat and tumbled onto the track. Only yesterday Joseph Schooling was Olympic Champion for 100M fly but today Dressler is a second faster. Only yesterday I preached in a village church but today I went back there and it had been almost a year ago. Things don't stay the same. It never does. We don't stay the same. We get older and our hair greyer or thinner or both. If we don't improve others around us will. If we don't progress and move forward others will run just a bit quicker and do just a bit better and we will be left behind. If the church does not grow it is dying. If a church remains stagnant it is going backwards.
Everything is changing around us be it for the better or worse. I preached a message from Genesis 22 where God promised to bless Abraham abundantly for blessing I will surely bless you in the Hebrew. I told the church we have to step up if we want to experience extraordinary blessings. If we obey the voice of God like Abraham. It is not enough just to be blessed - that was yesterday but today God promises anew - for blessing I will surely bless you and multiply you like the stars in the sky because you have obeyed my voice. I challenged the church to obey God's voice. What is the Lord saying to us? I testified for the first time how I withdrew from University for almost a year when the Lord first called me. He tested me like He tested Abraham. I had obeyed the Lord as I gave up everything to follow Him. It is not just yesterday. Time and time again He commands me to give up everything and to give my best to Him. Yesterday was giving up my legal career. Yesterday was giving up my right to remain in Singapore. Yesterday I preached an anointed message and today the anointing was even greater for like Elisa I needed a double portion to move the hearts of God's people. Yesterday Elijah was sent for Israel. Today Elishas are called into the battle fields to engage spiritual forces of darkness as never seen before.

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