Friday, August 25, 2017

Travelling Less

My car is due for service next week after 7 months since the last service. The mileage reads less than 8,000kms in 7 months only about two thirds of what I did last year within the same span of time. I have been travelling less. Only one time I travelled for 5 hours to Salarom Taka into the interior of Murut Tagal tribe. That was last March. Since then I had only preached in KK churches and a couple of rural churches.
Travelling less means preaching less and it is not surprising that fruits are lean this year. On average now it is about once a fortnight preaching compared to at least once a week last year and close to three sermons per week when I was pastor of Ranau church in 2015. When I lamented my lack of activity one good friend texted and said I was in the preparatory zone where I needed to conserve energy for future ministry. That's encouraging to say the least and it is good to have friends like Barnabas who can see the potential and prospects of their friends. In the meantime I am preparing my lectures on the Malaysian Constitution and so far the students had enjoyed the classes. After the Semester break there will be only 5 teaching weeks and exams to follow. The end of year is coming and Christmas preaching is just on the horizon.

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