Monday, August 7, 2017

Rumbling in Ranau

I rumbled up to Ranau in 2 hours, delayed by heavy traffic throughout. After more than 100 drives I still find the journey an endurance test with another 20 mins to College. I hope I can rest when I get back to College after a short lunch stopover in Ranau. I need to deliver 3 hours of Romans tomorrow and another 3 hours of Hebrews on Wednesday. Before driving up I spent 2 hours in the morning getting my notes on powerpoint. I will give my best to my students despite the odds and the task of educating indigenous pastors in training.
Almost 90% of them are in their early twenties with no or little work experience. It is so important for future pastors to have real training in the world holding down a job from 9am to 5pm. Work ethic and discipline are nurtured in the first few years of the young adult and this worldly work experience will stand them in good stead in pastoral ministry and even in their personal character development. If we can't survive in the world then we have to think twice whether we can survive the pastoral ministry with all its demands.

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