Monday, August 28, 2017

Increased Sorrows

From the excitement of last night where I worshipped with a big crowd and today was by contrast quiet and peaceful though I did have time to run a few errands. I quickly returned home to my fortress like Ezekiel felt bound by chains due to the spiritual condition of the church. I have continual sorrows in my heart seeing that there is much I can do but powerless to carry them out. I have sorrows in the heart when I listened to sermons so low a standard that if I were the homiletics teacher I would not have passed my first year students. I have sorrows in my heart when there is so little knowledge of God and God's people busy themselves with worthless pursuits.
Like Moses I might have to wait for the next generation to grow up until the present generation perishes in the wilderness. But even that the youths need leaders to lead them if not they will become like their spiritual fathers who wander around the wilderness and not going anywhere spiritually. Sometimes if we don't listen to God's messengers He will perform signs and wonders in heavens and on earth. I have never experienced such extreme and uncertain weather as we are facing at present. The road in front of our first Ranau church collapsed with a big sink hole. Both lanes were impassable. The rain has not stopped to pour on Ranau. I spoke twice on Job 37 briefly in Chapel and on Wednesday community lunch prayers but alas how many understood the mind of the Lord. Is there a man like David after God's heart when every man is pursuing his own interests often camouflaged with a veneer of spirituality. So I have locked myself in my house except going to worship twice yesterday. With increased knowledge comes increased sorrows and that is why so many choose the path of ignorance and complacency so that they can rest on their laurels without sorrows. For these men have no fear of God and they do not change.

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