Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Severe Weather

There were floods in various parts of Kota Kinabalu yesterday and weather in Ranau was no less severe. For three days we were out of regular pipe water and I bathed with rain water in the past few days This morning the song leader asked me to lead prayers for the floods and also for the state of Negeri Sembilan. I took about 5 minutes to explain from Job 37 why we were experiencing severe weather. It is in the hands of the Lord to send gentle or "heavy rain of His strength." Sometimes it is for correction or for his land or for mercy (Job 37,13).
I related how church division and factiousness among leaders is a cause for concern and that the Lord through severe weather was sending a message to the churches in Ranau. I also shared briefly how in 1997 I preached in a Samsung factory in Seremban and out of it a fellowship was formed and SIB Seremban was founded a couple of years after that. And so we prayed and for the first time since the start of the 40-day prayer and fasting I could actually hear students praying with some fervently. Like in every ministry leadership is called for and when we hear the thunder of His voice (37:2) we could not but worship. The severe weather is a call upon us to acknowledge our weakness (so LXX Job 37,7) and that when God seals the hands of every man every labour ceases and all creatures and creation cry out "With God is awesome majesty" (37,22).

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