Sunday, July 29, 2018

City Ministry

Last night I caught a glimpse of the promise and potential of Kota Kinabalu city. At 11pm the parts of the city where I drove were filled with people and the cars were bumper to bumper for several kilometres and even 12kms to my house it was slow traffic. KK has changed much since I left it for Singapore 10 years ago. KK has expanded greatly in the past 4 years since I went up to Ranau a rural town and soon I will be returning to the city for good.
Yesterday morning I drove 20kms to Penampang where a former KK mayor used to live and I would go there every other month to conduct cell group meetings. The roads were jammed with cars with many residential estates sprouting everywhere. Soon I will be a fisher of men for Jesus in KK and the outreach potential is huge. While rural churches are getting less and less people partly due to migration of young people to the city for education and jobs. I see the trend increasing as the cost of living rises and more and more young people seek the opportunities that are only found in cities. Even smaller towns like Keningau and Ranau are growing especially the former. A church right at the heart of the city will be great.

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