Friday, July 6, 2018

Strategic Vision for Theological Colleges

It is not that I have not tried. If 2015 is counted as I taught part time this is my fourth year as a lecturer. But God demands fruitfulness, personal and corporate. What do we mean by College’s vision or advancement (kemajuan)? I venture to suggest that there are at least 7 criteria on which we can measure whether a theological College is progressing or regressing? First, the qualification of its lecturers. We hope for more qualified doctorates and research masters in our midst.
Second, the qualifications of the new students should be improving. 25 years ago when we started the DipTh programme we insisted on at least SPM or O levels. Now that we are offering Bachelor level courses are we going backwards instead? Third, each year the library holdings should increase by at least 1,000 books seeing that we have just over 5,000 titles hardly sufficient to offer BTh. Fourth, teaching and learning must integrate with information technology either elibrary and ebooks and using internet resources for research and teaching. Fifth, the College’s main activities should be centred on academic or theological conferences or forums dealing with church or society issues. Sixth, the publication of lecturers with reputable publishers and the spread of knowledge in church and society. And seventh, the overall impact of the College on local churches and society as a whole especially its immediate surroundings. If all or at least 5 or 6 of the above criteria are met we can safely say that the College is advancing and fulfilling its role as a theological institution. For that to happen you need capable leadership, strategic thinkers and men of vision and action to bring them to pass accordingly.

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