Saturday, July 14, 2018

Punishing Schedule & Biblical Studies

Paul the apostle says that we will reap if we do not lose heart and that our labours for the Lord are not in vain. Perhaps as a response to the prophetic lament in Isaiah 49 that the prophet felt that his labours were all in vain and came to nought.  Yesterday I taught my third course in three consecutive days - Wednesday (Revelation), Thursday  (Malaysian Constitution) and Friday (Romans). In the 2nd session I was feeling the heat literally and spritually and felt weak until I had to sit down most of the time in my 3rd hour. I can see that most students are enthusiastic with learning but alas they will learn little when most of them graduate at of the year with a Diploma and a few will do the extra year for BTH.  For three years they would have learned only two NT books. Last year I taught them John's Gospel and this year Romans.  Fourth year students get to learn either Hebrews or Revelation.
But for OT, they only had one book, namely Nehemiah in a leadership course. That's mean that they will not have learned any prophetic books in detail except for the Introduction course in OT and the Prophets. My home group member who shared last Thursday told us that one church member asked him to explain the book of Isaiah and he was lost for words. For me, the book of Isaiah is a must in any theological curriculum and if space permits Ezekiel. Then for Wisdom literature Psalms or Job could also be important especially the former being the most quoted book in the NT. Despite some additions to the biblical studies components I am still amazed that in most Bible Colleges or seminaries they learn so little of the Bible and whatever they learn is barely scratching the surface or introductory at best. Yet for every Semester students take up to 7 subjects sometimes even 8 or 9 but no biblical books in the schedule.

Straight after my 3 hour lectures on Romans I drove back to KK which took me almost 3 hours with a short stop for lunch at Kinabalu Park. I was totally exhausted when I got home and slept for 2 hours until 5pm. This is my last shot and whatever exertions I put in let it bear fruits for the Lord and that it will not be in vain.

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