Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Amaziah and Amos

In barely a day I attended three meetings two of which I preached in one a full sermon of about 40minutes in church and yesterday morning for 22 minutes I expounded on what it is to stand in God’s council and to perceive and hear His Word? (Jeremiah 23:18). In the last 7 minutes I shared from Amos 7:14 about Amos in full irony denied that he was a prophet or son of a prophet. What he meant was he was no career church man like Amaziah who had charge of the Lord’s sanctuary but felt threatened in his position by Amos’ prophesying. I challenged my students whether they were here at College to be trained as pastors because they saw it as a career or was it truly a calling from the Lord? I told them out in the world it is hard enough to earn RM1,000 to work in a factory for 10 long hours a day six days a week. So be grateful that one has to preach one or twice in church within a week and conduct a prayer meeting once a while. I challenged them whether they had stood in the divine council and heard God’s Word.
I shared with them how the whole of Saturday I stayed at home and at the office and not once ventured into Ranau town because I waited on the Lord and what message He would have me speak to His people. If not they will be like Amaziah and other career church men and in church one can’t find someone more dangerous to the spiritual health of the church than career churchmen. Because they are there for positions and honour and they serve mammoth and not God. I told the congregation that for each Semester, last Semester and this current one at the last minute I was asked to teach an extra paper without extra pay but an additional of 10 hours’ work per week. I could have gone to teach extension programmes elsewhere or numerous intensive courses here and there with gneneros remuneration but I declined because I prefer to stay on campus and focused on teaching future pastors. It is because I serve the calling and obey the heavenly vision despite not getting any pay rise for three years or worse pay cut. Many chase after money and godliness is a means of gain for them says the Scripture. At the cloak of ministry these Amaziahs are interested in only love offerings and the truth of God’s Word is not in them.

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