Monday, July 9, 2018

Relentless Travels

I have been on the road for three days in a row. On Saturday I drove for 100km one way to preach in a former student’s wedding. It was a hard drive as 99 percent of the journey was on single lane. Another 100kms back to KK making it a total of 12 hours away for a 15 min wedding sermon. I would have declined if not for the student’s contribution to the College magazine 2 years ago which saw tens of thousands ringgit flowed to the College Fund. I met some former students who are pastoring churches in the Kota Belud District. Yesterday was a shorter drive 50kms one way but on village gravel roads part of the way. I lost my way several times. The journey of 1 hour took another 30 minutes and it was past 3pm when I reached KK again. And right now I am back in Ranau otw to my College in Namaus. I have clocked 55,000kms over 3 1/2 years and many of these miles are on dirt and gravel roads around the villages of Ranau and throughout Sabah.
I chanced upon a friend from KK just now at Pekan Nabalu about 30mins from Ranau. He told me “don’t stay for maintenance sake but fulfill your destiny”. He has a sort of indigenous ministry based in the comfort of a city but I live right in the midst of the people identifying with them their poverty sufferings deprivations and environment. I am not leaving because I can’t stand the heat but what I can’t stand is a place without vision and without justice, love and hope. Perhaps I have to be based in KK to do more good to the indigenous peoples of Sabah many of whom have long migrated to the towns and cities. Time is ripe for a genuinely English speaking congregation run by the locals and BM service will not be neglected as well.

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