Thursday, June 6, 2019

Future & Faith

I could almost title this post as Future and Fate. As Christians we don't believe in fate but in a God who foreordains and predestines that we should be conformed into the image of His beloved Son Jesus Christ. Be a perfect man or woman, then be like Jesus Christ the man or personhood in perfection. After more than 6 months of tendering my notice of resignation and a year since informing my former College of my impending departure, my future is no less clear than it was before.
My son has come and gone within 8 days. I thank God I managed to be there for him. We drove all the way to Kudat for a day trip and had a whole day with family though we did not talk much in the journey. What I learned living overseas is not a bed of roses. My son is planning to come back to Sabah for good in the next few years with nothing much to show for. At least he has a house and a home to return to if things don't go well elsewhere. I feel at this stage and in near future as a father I shall bear the greater burden as young people today find it incredibly hard to make way in the world. But God's timing is perfect. I did not have ministry last Sunday and as a family we went to church together, something to be treasured because it is never easy to keep the family together regarding worship and the church attendance. The next two weeks will be busier than usual. I got an invitation to preach in my homechurch next Sunday (this Sunday I will be preaching elsewhere) last night and I gave my affirmative answer to the invitation this morning despite some doubt as to my readiness since next Saturday I will be travelling to Kundasang for a whole day seminar and back in KK late at night. But God's grace and power is sufficient for those who trust in Him.

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