Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Leadership Seminar & Father’s Day

In the past couple of months I have made several forays in ministry as much as my busiest times in previous years. In my third day after my weekend ministry I am still feeling the effects physically and mentally that I need to recover. Driving back and forth Mount Kinabalu is a challenge to any mid 50s person let alone conducting a seminar from 8.40 am to 4pm. I felt so tired by 2pm that I had to walk out of the church to take a breather before restarting. Early Sunday morning I was already up and preparing for the sermon in my homechurch. I was asked how long one should preach and my answer  was according to the situation both within the preacher and the congregation.
I felt the anointing strong and I could have gone on for one hour but I stopped in 45 mins because I knew there were Father’s Day events. Thankfully the whole service ended at 11.20am and people still felt fresh because I stopped at 10.25am to give way for other activities. Many people came up to me to take photos and thanked me. One person even commented that it had been such a long time I preached (19 months ago). The caterer a foreigner from Timor told me he always looked forward to my preaching when I was pastor from 2003 to 2008. After one hour of fellowship in church a leader invited me to the Worship team open house and we went there and stayed until 3.30pm. I even led a traditional dance Sumazau and a number of people joined us in the dance. But my Saturday trip to the mountains was encouraging for me. I met three of my former students who are now pastors in the churches within the District and I received another invitation to conduct a seminar in August. The early morning weather was glorious and the views were majestic. Lord where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord when I lift up my eyes into the mountains.

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