Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Power of the Word

If I didn’t believe in the power of the Word I would have not agreed to preach this Sunday in my home church. The last time I preached in my home church was 19 months ago. What can you do with one sermon? It is like droplets of water hitting the rock without much effect or impact. But the Word of God is powerful. I have had barely 10 days to prepare and thankfully I was almost done with my day long leadership seminar this Saturday. I would have preferred a latter date but the senior pastor said that was the only available slot and I took it. God is able to cause stones to become children of Abraham.
God is able to revive His people with just a word of his command. For His Word is powerful and I felt the full effect of it as I concluded my preparation this evening. It has been one of the most intense time three days and three nights waiting on the Lord and putting on slides and thinking on the form and structure of the sermon and the themes that I want to emphasise with illustrations beside. When my wife asked me what I was doing a few days ago my reply to her was what I have been doing for 25 years and am still doing - to wait on the Lord and to deliver His Word as He commands. This is no small business because the Scripture tells us at the end times, times will be hard; people will be lovers of themselves and not lovers of God. They rather choose what tickle their ears and not solid truth. Who is adequate for all these? Only God supplies his servants with power and strength to deliver His message to the world before judgment day comes.

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