Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Restarting John’s Gospel commentary

After 19 months of stoppage I have restarted my commentary on John’s Gospel. For a long time I was stuck at John 11:5 but in the past 2 days of almost non stop writing I have reached John 11:52 and will soon proceed to John 12. I suppose there was a parallel when I last preached in my home church November 2017. After that sermon I spent almost 7 weeks without ministry interruption in writing 70,000 words and managed to lecture on the Gospel of John when the new year 2018 started.
Now I have preached another sermon in my homechurch 10 days ago and it was a spur for me to restart the work of writing my commentary just as the theme of the sermon was that the leaders of Judean community were urged on by prophets Haggai and Zechariah to restart the work of rebuilding the temple which was stopped for 17 years after the (part) laying of the foundations. It is never easy to re-start anything when there is a stoppage. The idea of momentum is important in that once you start something you need to finish it within a short time frame. I have written a brief commentary on Song of Songs in English but this John’s Gospel is written in Malay. My semi autobiography is in English but most of readers would likely be Malay speaking so I will find the right time and the inspiration to translate it into Malay.

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