Friday, June 21, 2019

Leaders as Jewels and Precious Stones

I only managed to make one point in my Sunday sermon last week. That leaders are precious stones and jewels. I used the text of Haggai where Zerubbabel is called a signet ring of the Lord. I referred to the two pillars which stood right in front of the holy place of Solomon’s temple. The two pillars are about 35 feet in height which is about the length of 5 or 6 men. The top of the pillar is an elaborate bowl of intricate designs and decorations. I used the text of Galatians to say Peter, James and John were known as pillars of the church, so also the words of Jesus that whoever overcomes will become a pillar in the house of his God. Then I went back to refer to Joshua the high priest who was given a precious stone with 7 eyes and a crown of silver and gold was made and put on his head. Why all these jewels and precious stones have to do with leaders?
I referred to the heavenly Jerusalem , the city with 12 walls and gates and also 12 foundations. On the walls are written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel and on the foundations are written the 12 names of the apostles of the Lamb. And on the foundations are 12 precious stones of all kinds of variety. Why leaders are associated with jewels and previous stones? First, it is because they are precious and esteemed before God. As the Lord says of Zerubbabel, “I have chosen you!”. God does not make mistakes. If he had chosen us He will make use of us and we will bear fruits and much fruits (John 15). And the church needs to honour and acknowledge God’s chosen leaders as Haggai and Zechariah prophesied to the post-exilic Judean community to accept God’s choice of Zerubbabel and Joshua, the high priest. And God-appointed leaders need not fear but rise up to lead God’s people to do God’s work in building His city and Christ’s church just as Zerubbabel built God’s temple in his time.

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