Friday, June 14, 2019

Up the Mountains

I texted and asked “is anyone going up to the mountain with me?” I am looking for Joshuas as the namesake followed Moses up the mountain and waited for him for 40 days. Early tomorrow morning God willing I shall be driving up to Mount Kinabalu and I hope to reach the church by 8.40am in order to start at 9am. I will proceed to give two long lectures in the morning and two shorter ones in the afternoon.
I hope to finish by 4.30pm and make my way back to KK before dark. It has been raining as of late and yesterday one village in Penampang was flooded so badly that it made the national news. I hope tomorrow at least 30 leaders will turn up from pastors and District leaders including I hope deacons and deaconesses. They gave me a tough topic - the Integration of theological leadership and secular leadership. I have prepared 55 slides for the 4 sessions. I hope to have a great time of fellowship with my fellow leaders. 22 years ago I preached in 9 sessions in a row and I have fond memories of this district which I hope will produce many Joshuas of tomorrow.

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