Monday, June 24, 2019

Motorcycles & Motorcars

Between bikes and cars what do you choose? My former student who is in his final year now texted me last night and asked me to interpret Rev 12. That took me almost 3 years of research but I texted back in about 150 words and gave him short interpretive clues and answers. When I asked him how he was he told me he had an accident last week and broke his shoulder bone. Ouch! I was saddened as I often prayed for motorbike riders especially couples with children to ride in a car instead. First, it is dangerous on a bike on Malaysian and Sabah’s roads filled with potholes and unevenness.
Second, with emissions from petrol and Diesel engines and all kinds of chemical fumes it cannot be safe or healthy. When it rains those on bikes not only get wet but road hazards multiplied in the rain. So today I found out another of my former student who is a pastor for almost 3 years owns a car. I thank God for pastors who can buy cars and travel in relative safety in the work of their ministry. Some weeks ago I received a copy of a letter about granting 50 percent tuition fees to those pastors who wanted to learn English and also wanted to apply for a driver’s license. That letter was signed by me as Treasurer General more than 20 years ago. With younger people entering ministry in their early 20s most without car licences I thought it important to encourage them to learn to drive and legally obtain their drivers licence. If not they are stuck with their motorbikes which is a cheaper form of transport no doubt but much more dangerous. Only two years ago a pastor and his wife crashed their bike on the Telupid to Sandakan road and the pastor is still paralysed now with the wife looking after him full time.

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