Friday, July 12, 2019

Blogging as Solace & Meditation

I have been at it for 12 years now. Since May 2006 when I started blogging I have found my niche. If I did not stop one year in 2011 I would have a lot more readers now. But I am content. The few that come on my site I hope that they are blessed and encouraged by what they find here. Today I saw in my daily stats that there are three countries from South America, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia. Two from Middle East including Iraq. On occasions even from Africa. But the most frequent readers are from Asia, North America, Europe and this year more and more Australians.
These are the four continents that impact the world. I even found a verse to support my blogging endeavours from Revelation 14:6 where an angel flying mid air proclaiming the Gospel. The use of social media fulfills that I reckon. Perhaps blogging is past its time but I find longer articles are still best on blogs. I have used Instagram and LinkedIn but they are more limited to my friends and professional contacts. My blog is open to all. They can come and go. They can read and praise God if what they read is good and worthy. I suppose blogging is an avenue to write thoughts that sometimes hard to say in pulpits or express too openly elsewhere. Not to say one can say what one likes in a blog. One has to be responsible at all times if one is concerned with truth and the upbuilding of the church in general and individuals in particular. I find solace in blogging. May the meditations of my heart be pleasing to You O Lord my God and my Redeemer.

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