Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Day After

Sometimes it is good to have some time to mull over things. It’s just been 24 hours but my momentous occasion has passed and gone. I received a couple of messages that warmed my heart today. Perhaps a sign that I am now a senior myself I was invited to preach in two revival meetings down south at the end of next month organized by the men’s or seniors’ fellowship. It will be just a week after my trip north to preach twice and also a whole day seminar. What does it have to do with my happy occasion? I rejoice in the Lord because doors of ministry have opened up more and more. Some people who don’t have my number called the HQ to connect with me. Who is my mother? Who is my brother and who is my sister? Are they not those who listen to God’s Word and do the Father’s will?
It is not blood relations though my youngest brother texted me from Australia yesterday. I suppose my overtures to him when he was back here 2 months ago went a way to heal and restore sibling relationship. I told my friend not to worry about how other people treat him. It is out of our control how others behave; sometimes we can’t even influence our wives, husbands and children. But it is how we behave towards others that matters and it matters to the Lord because His eyes are like fire and He sees right through us. All we need to do is to love everyone, to be open and ready to reconcile even with the worst of enemies though I don’t see myself having enemies but I can’t stop others if they harbour hatred or ill will towards me. So for about 90 minutes over lunch two days ago and to and fro the HQ my students asked me many questions. I gave them a word of knowledge or wisdom here and there. There was even a dream to interpret but I did not sense any understanding at that time. I encouraged them in their ministry. Only one of the 7 was married so a few asked advice about finding a life partner or just prayers for their future. One or two deep theological questions also came up. What is the role of philosophy in preaching the Gospel? In my senior years I have become a mentor and a teacher and perhaps in 5 more years I would have become a father. In the Hebrew calendar I was born in the month of Av which means Father.

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