Sunday, July 21, 2019

Revival Sermons

I read in several books about the church in China that they expect the preacher to preach for at least 2 hours and sometimes for 3 hours. I think these are revival sermons where expectancy and faith are high and people hunger for the Word. This morning I preached for 1 hour and 15 mins and I wished I could go on for 20 more minutes. I got 21 slides but stopped at slide no. 15. Basically two third of the sermon done. I experienced that in Papar and also in Likas my home church when both times I had to cut short my sermon as I sensed it may be a bit long for some. I felt the anointing strong speaking on the theme Jesus is Lord; first the nature of Jesus’ lordship, his deity and his relationship with God the Father.
It was a brief section of my sermon but it took about 40 minutes and the next half an hour or so I preached on the implication that Jesus is Lord. For many of our church members, 3rd or 4th generation Christians, it can become routine or tradition for some to come to church but the fire or first love has gone. Lord we need a mighty revival in SIB! I spoke about Jesus’ lordship and discipleship. The word disciple is mentioned more than 250 times in the Gospels and Acts while the word Christian is mentioned only 3 times. I spoke about the rich young man whom Jesus loved but commanded to be perfect that is to sell all and give to the poor and follow him. But the young man refused because he had great wealth. To become a disciple I summed up three characteristics. One, commitment which demands one to be constant and consistent. Second, sacrifice not just left overs but the choice parts for the Lord. Third, focus. To be sharp in ministry and give our best and not just half hearted or doing ministry as routine. After service, all the elders and pastor there gathered around me and I “preached” to them for another 45 minutes (sweet fellowship) and we all went home rejoicing.

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