Saturday, July 6, 2019

Trinity Lectures 29.7.19-1.8.19

When I got the news of the Trinity lectures a couple of months ago I have been praying to the Lord to open the way to attend the said lectures. I actually had lunch with the speaker, an Oxford University Professor in Biblical Exegesis 7 years ago in his previous visit to TTC. The topic about the absence and presence of Jesus in Paul's understanding is fascinating.
I even promoted these lectures to my former students especially those who can speak English. I have said in class for 3 years how I would love to bring them to visit Singapore one day. I don't know when my dream will come true. At the moment most of their contacts are with Korean churches. Nothing wrong with that at all but Korean culture is quite foreign to Malaysian Sabahans while Singapore is much closer in culture, history and language. Yes language, even some Singaporeans I met did not know that their national language is Malay. I preached in several Singaporean churches encouraging them to learn Malay, being the language spoken by 300 million people in South East Asia. Though my intention to bring my students is to expose them to an English speaking environment. They don't get that when they visit South Korea. I think just to visit TTC library will open their eyes to the possibility and potential of theological training and knowledge only if they know English. I told almost 80 leaders who attended the leadership seminar at the foot of Mount Kinabalu last month about the importance of English. Hopefully sometime in 2020 I can bring a team of Sabah pastors over and visit a few churches and Seminaries in Singapore.

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