Monday, July 22, 2019

Something must be Right

It was the fourth time in a row that straight after I preached I was invited back. Last night I received confirmation that the place I went to conduct a leadership seminar last month wanted me to conduct an End-Time seminar next month in another church but in the same District. Yesterday I was invited to conduct a seminar on how to preach. It was affirmation when people heard you preach and asked that they be taught the art of preaching. I never think much about it. If I boast I boast in the Lord that it is the gift and anointing operating fully when I deliver God's Word. God sees the heart and God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows He has called us to bear fruits, fruits that last and fruits that are everlasting. "God does not make mistakes".
I wept in my heart when I read the short letter from a Korean professor who visited the SIB Bible College and sent a letter almost a year after the event. As a normal person like Elijah a man of our nature and passion, we need encouragement from time to time. We need those who see value in us, especially those who affirm us in our calling in the Lord's service. There could be just as many distractors out there, opposition could be great, barriers could be high and walls of separation built, but those who are for us could be just as numerous. Elijah has his 7,000 who had not bowed their knees to Baal. Over the 45 minute talk with the pastors and elders of the church yesterday, I told them I would stay on as long as half the SIB Districts are open to my ministry. In fact 10 Districts of 150 churches are more than enough to go round. I am no longer the young 31-year when I started travelling into the interior. It's been almost a quarter of a century. In the past 4 years, I have trained close to 100 students and many of whom are already in ministry. They are the future of the church. They are young and are receptive to new ideas and new wine. One can only pour new wine to new wineskins. If you do that in old wineskins they will break and the wine is wasted. Do not cast pearls in front of pigs and dogs. Don't give your holy things to those whose heart do not love the Lord Jesus. But many do love the Lord and it is for them the blessings of Christ will fall in all riches for grace upon grace we have received from His fulness.

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